After a couple of PM's with Dereck, we have decided to do our own training journal, and seeing as how it was my bright idea ( ) I will go first.
Increasingly enjoyment and wellbeing, though still with an eye firmly on making myself puke in the process. Maintaining a good level of Dynamic functional strength becomes more important to me than static maximal strength with every passing day. i am also a huge believer in crosstraining and balanced development.

The big picture
I am fast approaching my 32nd birthday, and whilst not ready for the scrap heap yet, it will signal the start of my 17th year of lifting, and 21st year of regular conditioning of some form or another, so my body bares a fair few signs of wear and tear. I have problems with my knee, neck, shoulders, and elbows. limbs are prone to tendonitis, and my neck and shoulders to muscle pulls if not carefull. solution: good mobilisation, stretching, and keeping volume low and intensity high.

what you are thinking
'You have been training for ages- how come you aint Mr O, or a national level athlete Mr know it all? '

I was shortlisted for national under 21's rugby trials at 19years old, but injury forced me to retire from the game early, as for the rest of my prospective athletic endeavours?
Thats easy. Bad life choices. I was an habitual drinker, recreational drug user and heavy smoker from early teens till nearly 3 years ago, this lead to some very erratic and unfocussed training in my mid 20's, and despite my academic training in the subject, a stubborn refusal to do anything other than 'lift heavy sh1t' for my personal development.
Trouble was, i was fit (resting heart rate 50-54bpm) with high end normal BP, despite terrible diet, smoking, and enough booze to kill a camel. I was in denial, and much of my potential went to waste because of it.
All that changed when at 29 my lifestyle caught up with me, and a medical showed my BP and heart rate were not good, also my lung function (peak flow) dropped to below average (had been off the scale), and my shape was morphing from Vin Deisel to Homer Simpson . age caught up with me, and i had two choices- sort it out, or lose it all. I sorted it out.
The reason I get so frustrated with some of your posts is because I see my younger self in them- bulking, supplements, heavy volume, isolation movements, rationalisation of leg training avoidance, I have been there and done it all.

How do I know that what I suggest on here works?

Working as a trainer for a decade means I have helped a lot of people with very different goals, and with very different personal circumstances. They did what I told em, and got results. More than this however, by finally practicing what I had preached for so long, I completely transformed myself over the last 30 months. I have dropped (80lbs) in weight (now a lean mobile 214lbs, brought my BP down from hypertensive to a steady 120/75, peak flow is back to 700+, and I can honestly say that despite my older joints, I am as fit as I was at 18, and much healthier on top of that (I am now 'straight edge' as the cool kids call it )

Training philosophy

I am somewhere between structured and instinctive. I devise a hanful of workouts that work in balance with one another, then choose which one i feel like doing on the day. They are all brief and intense, and I tend to have a higher frequency than some (6 days on, one day off), though because each workout is different and short, overtraining is not a problem. if i feel I need an extra day's break i take it- no big deal.

So, if you are still awake after all that intro waffle, here is the first workout. Done at 7.30 am having come straight off a 9 hour night shift .

5.4 mile Bike ride: I have a cycle route that takes in 2 long hills. On the flat I keep staedy state in 18th gear, staying in the saddle, on the hills I come out of the saddle and coordinate the body to allow me to maintain rpm in 18th gear for the full incline, effectively giving me a couple of High intensity intervals in the ride. On the Downhills I come out of the saddle about an inch, with pedals parallel and hold a static stress on the legs till i hit flat, then drive back up to steady pace in 18th again.

Get back to garage and its on with a 50lb weighted vest, and straight into 4 sets of push up/chin up supersets. I like working to failure, at this stage I am more interested in using the strength i have than building more, and i am also looking for oxygen debt recovery improvements between supersets. My technique is full range, super strict, with pauses at the bottom of every movement to negate stretch reflex.
push ups went 20,14,9,8. Pull ups went 9,5,4,4.

Keeping the vest on, I move on to a 25kilo kettlebell, and do one arm kettlebell swings (like a deadlift to one arm front raise, the force of the lift helping the delt 'throw' the weight up to just above shoulder height).
I alternated hands every 10 reps completing 80 reps in total in continuous fashion. With these, you do use stretch reflex to an extent, but i minimise this by pausing at the top with arm extended to fully engage the delts, and lowering slower than many would do on this exercise.

thats it for today. I shall sleep well this morning I tell you that for nothing
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