Thursday off
While I wanted to do my HIIT today, the past 2 weeks of no days off of work and getting up 2 hours earlier each day have caught up with me and I am too tired. A little upset because I wanted to be able to do HIIT today and weights Friday, I'll have to settle for HIIT tomorrow.
Friday, August 18
HIIT today, felt great.

Workout B today

150 skips on the jump rope as fast as possible
10 pushups on medicine ball
10 trunk rotations with medicine ball at waist level-
10 lunges each leg- medicine ball held above head
10 V-ups with medicine ball held above head
10 Groiners/Mountain Climbers(2 each side=1)

4 sets thanks to Kazama's "Breaking Barriers Day"
21:29 total
superset times were
total time 21:40

Really good workout today, no lightheadedness or nausea like last time. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it as a good thing.

I'm thinking of upping the weight on my lunges and trunk rotations from my 10lb medicine ball to my 20lb barbell. The reason is because I didn't feel as winded today as I have after most of my other times on the HIIT, 3 or 4 supersets. Maybe I should do one more with the ball and see how it goes. Or cut down on the rest between exercises or supersets.
Thoughts anybody?

Saturday and Sunday off
A little upset I didn't get to workout Sunday as it's the first time in two weeks I've been off for two days in a row. Saturday was spent relaxing with the future missus. Sunday was spent stressing big-time at work over a million things and then off to signing more paperwork on a final offer on a house. A good thing to miss the workout for (the house, not work), but I still wish I could have done it tonight.

On the plus side I guess that means I'm starting to get more into the groove of it.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.