Workout B today, or as I nicknamed it tonight- Heart Attack

150 skips on the jump rope as fast as possible
10 pushups on medicine ball
10 trunk rotations with medicine ball at waist level-
10 lunges each leg- medicine ball held above head
10 V-ups with medicine ball held above head
10 Groiners/Mountain Climbers(2 each side=1)

About 2 minutes off of last time. I took less time between sets this time, but kept the 60 seconds between supersets. I was still pretty pooped after the last superset so I'm not sure if I'll be able to move up to 4 all that soon. Maybe if I'm having a good day I'll try it out and see how I feel. I also did the second set up pushups with both hands on the medicine ball instead of alternating. I like it that way and I'll probably keep it if I remember.

Nothing on saturday or sunday, the rest felt nice but little guilty for not doing anything. I got caught up with things this morning so had to do it after work. Went with B because it's shorter. Maybe do A tomorrow morning, maybe at night, we'll see how I feel.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.