Today I did workout B, HIIT (you're right, dereck)

150 skips on the jump rope as fast as possible
10 pushups on medicine ball- alternating the hand on the medicine ball (5 each hand)
10 trunk rotations with medicine ball at waist level-
10 lunges each leg- medicine ball held above head
10 V-ups with medicine ball held above head
10 Groiners/Mountain Climbers (1= 2 on each side, alternating inside of the elbows and outside- so it's actually 20 each side for each superset)

3 supersets, 60 seconds between each superset, 15-20 seconds between each exercise for the first two sets, 20-30 seconds for the last set.

My sister came in and watched the last two supersets, she was amazed at how much I did.
I didn't stop the timer right after I finished because I was too busy trying to actually breathe. But the whole thing took me about 16:30. One of the best sweats I've had in a long time.

I didn't do the turkish getups because I've never tried them before and didn't want to slow myself down too much. And at the point I'm at now, I think I'll leave them out for a while. Get use to this one, then alter it a bit.

I'm also looking at alternating the medicine ball pushups I'm using now with both hands on the ball. Either altering during sets or workouts. If I can remember, that is...
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.