First workout to log was today, workout A.

Overhead Squat 4x5, 95lbs
Deadlift 4x5, 115lbs
Overhead Press 4x5, 75lbs

About 56 minutes with the warmup, methinks I may be taking too long between sets.

I usually start off with some dynamic legs stretching to warmup. 2x20 of front, side, and back kicks. It's about the only stretching I get in, and it warms me up fair enough. I'm definitely willing to look at other methods of warmups, so if you've got'em, send'em over.

Today's workout wasn't up to snuff, I've been a bit busy with packing to move and a lot of other things lately. I got it done, but wasn't as into it as I would have liked. That's another reason I took so long on my workout today, a little tired, a little distracted.

I also think that my lack of upper body strength is hurting my overhead squats, I feel as though maybe I can squat more, but that's pretty close to my limit for being able ot hold it over my head. I'll have to focus more on how it feels the next time I do it.

See you tomorrow.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.