We have a guy that just started in our class and he has no control.
The guy is eager to learn and doesn't hit so hard out of spite I think he doesn't know any better.
We have been doing alot of work on "flowing"(offense to defense,recognizing openings.... that sort of thing)
Last night we were doing an excersize where we were "touching an opening" not fast, no power that kind of thing.Here comes the new guy and blasts me in the kidney
I'm not complaining, our rule is "hit only as hard as you want to get hit" fair enough.
Some of the blackbelts have tried to slow him down to try to get him to work on the excersize that we are working on .
I am not so good at slowing him down.I have a tendency to react at the same or greater speed that he uses.not nessessarily the same power(I use control and restraint)
as this guy is new I'm not threatened by him but I dont want it to be a full contact freespar everytime we are matched up for an excersize.

Should I just thump him? or let him dictate the level of force used?
I don't want to hurt the guy I also don't want him to hurt me.

how do some of you get the new guy to "understand"?