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Gojusiho (54 Steps) PHOENIX SYMBOLISM
Old Okinawan Useishi
Black Tiger?
Useishi (Gojushiho, Hotaku) - "the Phoenix", okinawanische Kata from the Itosu school with origin in China, in Japan "fifty-four steps" (Gojushiho) and occasionally in "woodpecker knocking" (Hotaku) renamed
Fifty-four Steps Phoenix 54 Ways to Kill. Go Ju also means Hard and Soft. Many subtle diversified movements.

The Korean animal spirit associated with the form is the Tiger. The desired intentions of the form are to be fearless, powerful, quick to walk away after the threat is gone. Speed of Performance and accuracy in focus of Delivery are key.

origin in the Phoenix Eye style

Gojushiho Dai consists of many advanced open-handed techniques and attacks to the collar bone

Gojushiho is an old kata that is mentioned in the Bubishi (Old Chinese martial arts text). The name means "Fifty four steps" and is referred to in the Bubishi as "Fifty-four Steps of the Black Tiger". The kata really shows the Chinese influences with it's many circular hand movements, finger striking techniques and fluid nature.

Some versions of the kata contain a "drunken" staggering type movement, although, this movement doesn't occur in the Matsumura version.

Useishi is usually called Gojushiho, which means 54 steps whose movements are said to resemble a drunken man.

54 Steps Black Tiger and use of White Crane Fist (Oldest Okinawan)

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