The last school I was in used a rotating curriculum. However, it came into effect at the intermediate levels. At the beginning levels, each person would be taught whatever was appropriate for their level, with the class breaking into small groups to accomodate that. For the intermediate and advanced students, everyone would work on the same thing each month. For intermediate, it was a one year rotation of material, with something new every month or so. For advanced clases, there was a two year rotation of material and conditioning classes, in some cases a few months being spent on the same thing. It seemed to work just fine. The testing process took this schedule into account, obviously. Tests were scheduled at intervals throughout the year, instead of being individualized as they were for beginners.
Instead of the teacher needing to go from group to group or individual to individual, he or she can instruct the whole class at the same time. If everyone is learning the staff in May, then the teacher can predict that there may be some people who need new staffs at that time, and have them ordered. Another effect of the system, which could be considered a benefit or a detraction, is that the students can know what is coming up and when. They can look forward to learning something they are excited about, and know exactly when it will be taught.
What is pro and con really depends on the particular school, what your goals are, and how many students there are. A school with many students that requires a high level of organization and has few instructors, or only one, might benefit from that sort of curriculum.

For smaller numbers of students, I would prefer an individualised curriculum which doesn't have any schedule.

So to answer your question about how it would work, you need to have more than one class. You could have a rotating schedule of basics and beginning forms for the beginner class. A schedule of intermediate material for the intermediate class, all of which requires roughly the same level of proficiency. And an advanced class which rotates through the advanced material.
I think this is really only appropriate for a fairly large number of students.

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