Of course again you don't want to be in this position but if you are then you have to deal with it. I had not thought of the link as an attack but it certainly is an option. I was thinking more going to my back ... and yes a heel hook or ankle lock is possible and won't feel good. But hopefully I will take them off guard and even while going down I will be kicking thus hoping they will release the hold. And even if my ankle has to break this doesn't take from the fact I am still going to have to defend myself with whatever means I can.

In attempts to clinch up when the arm is extended by the opponent to create distance, and being moved back quickly and to the sides ... the clinch has not been possible, though I also would certainly try for it because you never know. From the catch, to the extended arm, to the moving, to the takedown, it can be a matter of seconds ... literally, which nullifies the clinch.

I have sent a PM to John hoping he will pop in to give his perspective.