I recently came to a new base in the Army as some of you may know - I'm in DC now - Anyways my platoon allows a lot of time to lift - and i decided to switch over and concentrate more on my strength than my cardio which i had previously. Given this we still run maybe once or twice a week but being a casket platoon we pretty much just lift.

Anyways - here is a typical diet and my workouts:

Diet -
0500 - Wakeup - Nutrigrain bar, protein shake
0600 - Workout - Nox-CG3 before, and A,B,C, etc workout(get to this later)
0730 - Chow - sometimes a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats with Skim A&D milk, others some scramby eggs, oatmeal and a banana with apple juice.
0900-1200 - work (protein shake in there if I can)
12-1 Chow - Boston Market - 8oz Sirloin Dip(MMM so good), mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese.
1300-1700 - work (protein shake or beef jerky if i can)
1700 - Chow - Subway usually - 12 Inch Wheat bread, Double grilled chicken, with mozz cheese and buffalo sauce.
2100- - bed.

Thats my usual day / diet - it of course changes but not a whole lot - the subway meal and boston market meals are regular. Sometimes ill just grill some chicken breasts for dinner or have some turkey sandwiches on wheat for lunch - but like i said thats a generalization. I feel my diet could be better - but given my time, budget, and stuff - I feel bogged down - If anyone could help me with some better nutritional stuff for cheap - i would greatly appreciate it cuz i know this is my worst part.

Rest - I'm fine, unless we have a mission and a 0300 wakeup - then I usually get 7-9 hrs a night.

Workout - Here is my dilemma my old workout is as follows (I saw good size and power gains here - but plateau'd somewhat)

Day 1 - Chest, Bi's, Tri's
- Dumbell Bench Press - 2x8, 1x5
- Incline Dumbell Bench - 2x8, 1x5
- Chinups - 3x10 - (Army style, undergrip)
- Iso Curls 3x8 (the ones with your elbow in your inner thigh)
- Tricep Pulldown 3x8
- Skull Crushers - 3x8

Day 2 - Back, Shoulders
- Seated Row - 2x8, 1x5
- Arnold Press - 2x8, 1x5 ( by the way all the 1x5's are moving up usually 10 lbs per hand)
- Bent Over Row - 2x8, 1x5
- Pullups - Overhand - 3x8
- Lower Back Extensions - 3x15

Day 3 - Abs - Crazy insano abs workout from a scuba school instructor - enjoy

1st set - All without stopping, no rest
- 25 V-ups
- 25 Leg - up Crunches
- 25 oblique crosses left
- 25 oblique crosses right
- 50 scissor kicks, shoulders off ground, arms up (this will break you off)
- 2 min forward plank

Repeat - 3 times

Day 4 - Legs (usually a running day - we do a lot of hills, stair climbs, lunges during runs otherwise this is the workout)
- Leg Press - 3x5
- Calf Raises - 3x10
- The rest varies - Like i said between fighting and ruck marching and running around here I get my share of leg workouts.

So here my new workout is your basic one body part a day:

Honestly I don't enjoy this one as much - but I do it because it feels as it if works more.

Day 1 - Chest - Flat Dumbell Bench, Incline Dumbell Bench, Decline Barbell Bench, Cable Flies, Dips

day 2 - Bi's - Barbell curls, Iso Curls, preacher curls, pullups

day 3 - Tris - Cable Pulldowns, Skull Crushers, Throwbacks

day 4 - Back - Seated Row, Pullups, bent over row

day 5 - Shoulders - arnold press, seated military press, this one workout i cant even describe

day 6 - same ab workout as above

day 7 - Rest

Any imput on these would be great - The reason I switched is because I've always heard that once you hit plateaus you should switch workouts and this workout seems to be more of a size building workout.

Honestly - my goal is to get size, I'm at 6'3 205 right now, I would like to be about 215-220 solid - I started about 3 months ago at 195 by the way, but am stuck at 205. I would love any recommendations to Diet or Workout - or If the first workout can be changed to be a better size workout let me know please....Sorry its so long - Thanks for any imput!