There are a lot of percussion type projectiles that can be used with a shotgun now, so you get the "short term" force delivery without the penetration, and "keeping the suspect guessing" about what you've got is also a 'fear factor'. I might not be too worried walking into a knockdown bag, but a 00 buckshot shell is a killer at shotgun range, so unless you're loaded with stupid, you'll give way against a shotgun. They blow a BIG hole, and if it's far enough back to spread, SEVERAL big holes.

As for frangibles, go to and you can download a catalog that describes how they're made. They are a good idea, but I personally would rather depend on something that I know is solid... I'm not into shooting a face full of dust at somebody, if you know what I mean. If I shoot somebody, I want it to work the way it's supposed to...

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