This is a Yang meridian, earth point. For this meridian, generally the angle of attack is down. Generally, you can expect uke will buckle and go down for you. If you are combining with other points, the complimentary Yin meridian is Spleen.

Method of attack: I like to dig into it with my fingers. K 27 with the thumb and fingers hooked down into St 12 works nicely. If you get Kidney, you can feel it in the lungs. Even if you don't, if you dig deeply, you should feel this in the brachial plexus. That will tingle in the effected side's arm. I can also dig in with my chin in those close encounters when I don't have a hand free. This works for me because I am smaller than most men.

Uke will generally buckle his knees and shrink his chin towards the attack. This means that he is giving you the opposite side of the neck for a follow up strike. Take it. That is the beauty of PP attacks. It gives you some stereotyped reflexive kinds of responses that since you know they are coming, you can exploit.

I personally don't care for it as a hit point. But it does set up hits to the opposite side of neck and head. It also sets up leg attacks. Consider the effect on a grab attack. Uke wants to defend his neck. If his hands are busy grabbing you, he may be pursuaded to let go and defend his neck. If you work in health care like me, or otherwise depending on who the attacker is, choking him to death might not be the ideal response.

Instead of elaborating on techniques more than I have, let me present a few scenarios. If this point is new to you, play with it. Check out these scenarios and report your results.

#1: Try it when uke is choking you in midrange or close (his elbows bent) with both of you standing. What is his response and what do you do next?

#2: Try it defending from a front choke where you are mounted.

#3: From a wide right hook (or wide knife attack) charge in, block, wrap the arm, hook St 12 and experiment with the leg sweep(s).

#4: Add it to any wrist joint lock that you are having a problem with.

#5: Play and report your own scenario.
The older I get, the better I was!