The pressure point of the week threads which Gavin was writing were great. However as they do take time to write it is too much to ask for Gavin to do them all. They are a great resource for martial artists and those interested in pressure point fighting but they do take time to do.

Therefore, i propose that those of you with knowlage worth sharing should step up to the mark and write a pressure point of the week. I am therefore asking for volunteers to put their names down in this thread for the weeks to come and at the same time put down which point they are going to consider. I should have made a list of the points already covered but i am hoping that Gavin might do that, (sorry Gavin). I think it would be best to use the format that gavin has already used as we all know where we are then.

So, please if you do have a favorite pressure point please pick a week and a pressure point and write about it, even if your information is not complete it is ok to have a go as others can add in any additional details.

Once again,
1. Pick a week, (19th of June is week 25.)
2. Pick a point, (check it has not been done before)
3. Write about it and post it, (correct week please)
4. Bask in your greatness

Kind regards,


ps, If you don't comit to write one here, people will think you have no idea about PPs and never beleive anything you say ever again which would be a shame .

pps, this post is very compeling and persuasive in case you did not realise so get writing.
In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace.