no128s, I just noticed the SF motto at the bottom of your post. No, I'm not SF, but I am familiar with 10th Group. I have had the opportunity to work with them a couple of times and they are some good people. It just irked me that they had E7s and E8s that were younger than me.

As far as my unit goes, I and the other martial artists have fixed part of the problem. We complained so much about combatives being a waste of our time, we don't do them on a regular basis anymore. A few of us also made offers to teach a more rounded program to the Soldiers in our unit. Nothing has come of that. But, you're right, I and four other people who are martial artists should remember that the other hundred people in our company don't have any MA training outside what the military has given them. I'm just worried that the bad habits taught by the MAC instructors here on post will get them hurt or killed in a barroom brawl in downtown Springs one weekend. It would be one thing if the ground game was part of what they taught, but the ground game is all they teach until you get into the higher level certifications, and we aren't getting that level of training.