Matt... yeah there are always things that can be added to make the system better. With the military you have to look at our training base methodology... we focus much of our training toward the lowest common denominator... so the more difficult or technical the system becomes, the more difficult it is to train to those who just don't get it.

Bushi_no_ki... settle down brother! I in no way was indicating that MAC is the be all and end all, only that it is better than nothing at all, and it has done a good job at unifying unarmed fighting systems in the Army. It sounds like you are in the Army there at Ft Carson, perhaps MAC has been forced on your unit by people that are "qualified" only on paper. If you are in 10th Group there then you would be familiar with LINES which is a much more devistating system, but was exclusively used (by the Army) by SF. MAC simply is a system that the "whole" Army can use with relative ease and even with lack of training equipment (weapons, etc...) and fosters what the Army is after as far as the Warrior Ethos. Your comments earlier were spot on, but sometimes we have to look at the big picture and decide what is best for all the Soldiers, not just the upper 20%.

Many times on internet forums (and I in mo way imply that this is the case here at all) people speak with good intentions about how the Army (or any other service) is doing something and they are just misinformed. My point here is to try to (1) establish that I am speaking from the position of experience (as in actually being a Soldier on active duty for nearly 18 years) and (2) just give insight to the Army's point of view. While there are issues with MAC, I do feel that the bottom line is that it is a worthwhile system for the whole Army... and it sure beats endless "buttstroke to the head series" runs of bayonet training! Heck, if your unit isn't doing it right, FIX IT! Yeah it takes soome work, but get to Level 3 so you are the trainer for your organization. It is too easy to sit back and throw stones, fixing a problem takes real character.