Not another BJJ is the best!!!!!Please!! As far as I know and some of the research that I have found, BJJ is for mainly fighting on the ground. For sport, matches with rules, etc in a battle field would be useless and I would not take the risk with it in a battle ground. After my research I learned that samurai would fight standing up and would do throws and finish either by cutting, stabbing or a blow to a sensitive area not by spending 10 minutes on the ground while there is fighting going around them, people dropping dead cut up and bleeding all over. While you are on the ground waiting to finish with a submission. In some cases no need to do a throw, a nice cut with their swords was enough.
In war this days you would rarely use H2H. Most soldiers are well armed and trained to use knives and other objects to survive an attack if their weapons jam. It would be nice to see videos where soldiers are in full gear and try to grapple on the ground.