Well I will have to admit that I didn't read extremely deep into your conversation between eachother, as I'm pressed for time at the moment, but I'll offer my little bit of input.

I have recieved a decent amount of CQB training, though not certified in it, since my battalion insists on using the "free flow method" of room clearing.

I'll say a couple of things. One is that a bayonette (fixed) and a combat knife (K-bar) are two completely different beasts. You could almost compare a fixed bayonette to a halberd (medieval style). You never hear about people acutally using their bayonettes except in those miraculous old war stories. Where as as far as I'm concerned a combat knife is what you use to level the fighting grounds in a hand to hand fight.

Let's face it. If both your primary and your secondary is jammed or out of ammo, you're A: probably in the army (sorry I couldn't help it)
and B: in a world of sh!t already.

Now nobody wants to bring a knife to a gunfight, but a knife to a baseball bat/stick/baton/pipe/whatever fight is a different story.

It's pretty easy to block a stick no matter how much it hurts you'll still live. Most tangos aren't wearing hard (or even soft )body army like us, and if you get one good jab with a knife in the fight is pretty much over and hopefully your buddies have cleared the rest of the room and are moving upstairs now, and you still get to live to go clean your dirty weapons and maybe reload from all the spray and pray =D
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