ok, I'll bite. 'straight blast' works best against someone in retreat. maybe they haven't physically retreated yet, but you can tell by a hesitation that their mind is telling them to retreat. constant forward pressure usually isn't the smartest thing to do, but it works well in order to tip the psychological advantage your way that was starting when the opponent hesitated. why give them a chance to step back and regroup? overwhelm them with a constant forward assault before they have time to get it together. it works, but not when they are ready for it.

the tactic is called 'blitz'. it's not new. it's an oldie but goodie.

I can see your point.
I think the one on the video is termed as a "boxing blast"
On the video Silvia has charged at Balfort with his hands so wide open a bus could get through. No defence what so ever. Balfort has hit Silvia with a back hand left then a right punching combination and Silvia had began to run backwards off balance with Balfort chasing and hitting until Balfort hit the cage.

Silvia should have had a better guard. And why did he go charging in like that with no cover?
What could Silvia do after the first punch to stop further punching? Nothing. He was stunned and overwhelmed so running back wards was his survival mode.

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