Difference between WC chain punching and JKD straight blastis the alternate steps forward. IN WC they keep to a single stance lead leg stays forward, not much momentum. Straight blast you are actually walking in ad bulldosing the target off balance. Once he is off balance and falls out of range, then you switch to boxers punch.

Iíve also seen guys RUNNING in behind the straight blast! Itís definitely not the wing chun style. When you maintain that lead as those guys (WC) do, there isnít enough speed behind it. When youíre actually fighting, guys MOVE man, lol. No one is going to stand there as you chain punch in behind that slow shuffle-step. You gotta HUSTLE!


Straight blast is not the be all of punching or ending fights, it's just a tool for the moment.

DEFINITELY a tool for the moment. Well put.