I've got like all his series, except for the Attribute series vol. 1-5. I'm not sure if it's worth getting. I've also got a lot of Rick Young. I have some Inosanto stuff on kali, eskrima, knife fighting, double and single sticks, but Dan just seems like he's bored.

I think a big problem with straight blast and trapping is that many people do not really understand the actual use for it. Sure they see how it's aplied and it seems reall simple. But I don't think they understand when it is supposed to be used.

Traps are not supposed to be looked for, tey are different from blocks. Blocks from a distance which look lke traps are JKD movie stuff. Functional JKD traps are done in close range, not mid-range blocks and checks.

Straigt blast is not the finisher. It can be, infact any attack or technique can be a finishing move if it works. Straight blast is just something you use at the moment, it can lead to many other things. If the attacker raises their gaurd, you have no open up his mid and lower body. For leg and knee line shots. If the guy happens to fall backwards and fall, you now can go into ground and pound.

Straight blasts only work when your in close, you never begin your attack with it, you must cause a destruction first. And once your staight blast attack is finished you move on to your next attack.

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