yeah but if your timing is right you should connecting with you flury of punches leaving the OP back pedaling an unable to side step or counter but it does depend on timing it right

Basically any technique that is timed right usually connects but there is still other variables to it like did it connect solidly or just graze or how hard are you actually hitting for it to make a great impact on the target. For example my friend fought a wing chun fighter he got caught with the straight blast but my friend has a hard head lol and the wing chun fighters straight blast power wasnt strong enough so my friend could take the hits and counter him. Usually the reason why once the straight blast connects its hard to defend against is because the opponent is already dizzy or shall I say rocked from the first initial blast hit thats why its hard for him to side step and counter the normal response is to go back and fall down from the momentum of the straight blast. One of the counters to the straight blast that alot of boxers use is the lead left hook. One of the best counters to the straight blast but the hardest to learn and usually can be done by a person who has trained in that technique.
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