The other thing is that the streight blast executes the one inch punch technique of closing the fist before impact and punch 2 inches behind the target, which doesn't work so well with the jab btw. Therefore if its twice as fast as the jab, it has a chance of being just as powerfull as the jab as well.

I would train in it, and get to know it, and then spar using that and then using the jab combo. Find what you prefer, and what works better, and use that.

I hate to disagree with somebody yet again, but expressing one's opinions is what this forum is for.
Clenching the fist upon impact and landing behind the target definitely does work for the jab, or any punch for that matter. In fact it is essential for full power. If we are to use our bodies like a whip then we must be completley relaxed so that the full sting can be felt.
This is not the one inch punch technique, it is all punching technique

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