One should know when to use short non-powerful attacks, and one should know when to use slow but powerful attacks. If use either one in a thoughtless manner then all you will do is tire yourself and waste a lot of energy and strentgh on a bunch of careless attacks. IMO I believe that you should try and make your attacks as fast and consistent as possible at first and as your opponent becomes weary and less responsive, then you should use stronger, more powerful attacks. I think everyone agrees that whenever you use an attack that offers more power that you sacrifice a lot of your defense at the same time as the attack, so it would only make sense to wear your opponent down before doing so because then they will have less reaction to respond to your open spot in your attack. That's what has always worked for me. But you should do whatever works best for you. That is JKD isn't it, taking what works for you and using it instead of what flaws you?