I'm going to make a sort of spreadsheet that will contain 3 sessions a week. My target is to complete 8 weeks of size and mass training - I am going to call one week 3 training sessions because some days I cannot workout because I'm too tired. Is that OK to do it on a session routine?

So I will add more weight to each exercise not every 4 weeks but once I have completed 12 sessions which would take a maximum of 12 weeks.

My workout at the moment goes like this:

A quick warmup. Jumping, jogging and many star jumps. Lots of quick dynamic stretches.

3x8 Bent Over Row
3x8 Deadlift
3x8 Standing Military Press
3x8 One Arm Pronated Dumbbell Triceps Extension
3x8 Standing Bicep Curls

I then try as many dips and pressups I can until complete failure.

20 crunches
20 left twisting crunches
20 right twisting crunches
30 legraises

20 Toe Touchers
5x1 crunches - holding at the top for 10/10/15/10/20 seconds
20 leg raises
3x8 Squats

I also try and do a day worth of cycling a week generally on Sundays which is doing my calves wonders.

I could also throw in jogging on say wednesday and sprinting at some intervals.

I hope after the first 12 sessions I can increase the amounts. My aim for the situps and legraises will be about 10 more on each - maybe 5 though. I'll try and go for 15/15/20/15/25 (increase of 5 seconds) for the crunch holds.

I'm actually not too sure how much to increase the KG by and if I should every 4 weeks/12 sessions?

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