1) running on the sand (technically not in the water but as long as you're there...)

Running on sand is unquestionably harder than running on track/grass/road/insert stable surface here.
There are, however, downfalls to this (yes i know, here I go again).
running in soft sand causes your heel to sink further than normal as it strikes the ground- this extra 'give' in the ground very frequently leads to calve pulls/tears, and also achilles tendon problems.
The reason that running on sand is harder, is because much of the forward propulsion created by the leg is lost- transfered into the shifting sand. True your cardio system gets a killer workout compensating for this inneficiency, but for power generation, it is again (like water work) unsuitable because you are changing the biomechanics of the movement- your gate and stride length are different to what you would experience on solid land. Wind sprints, or even better, weighted sled sprints are safer, more efficient, and more effective than stumbling over sand dunes.


2) Kicking in knee-deep water (works on balance & bringing the knee up & out of the water as opposed to dragging your leg up)

Weighted roman chair, squat, and varied lateral lunges will all be safer, more effective, and easier to measure in regards to your improvement.


3) Punching waves in waist-deep water (again, balance & timing to strike @ the precise moment)

Sparring partners and floor to ceiling balls offer faster and less predictable targets.


4) Controling (not holding) your breathing

Why is it you feel this is better learned stood waist deep in water than on land, infront of your computer for example?


5) Rapid foot-work in knee-deep water (advancing, retreating, tai sabaki) while maintaining balance

Possibly. I am open to the possibility providing the water is no deeper than stated.


6) Kumite/Yakusoku kumite in knee-deep water (training not to flinch even if your face is splashed)

I was a lifeguard for years, and I can tell you that flinching from water, and flinching when punched are completely different reflex responses to very different stimuli. Maybe if muggers put down their knives and pick up super-soakers I will buy into it


7) Finally...if you begin just before sunrise, it tests your determinhation to train - especially when it's cold (internal/fighting-spirit)

You should reward your determination with effective training- why let all that enthusiasm and energy slip away in a stylised 80's MA movie montage?

unless, of course, you enjoy it. Which is what I said all along. There are millions of people lifting, punching, splashing, running, skipping and all other forms of exerrtion, with absolutely no idea of what they are doing or why. Providing they manage not to go so wrong as to injure themselves, the chances are they will gain some form of benefit from it.

I just believe in maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and that means staying on dry land.


(#8 is an optional reason...you don't need pee-breaks, just dribble down your leg...who's to know?)

Cant argue that this is best done in water

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