While i have been a bit harsh with you in terms of your inability to follow the course of the conversation, post clear articulate responses and for showing your ignorance by making obvious assumptions about my beliefs and training i have not resorted to calling you names. As you have.


1. Context, which you ignore. For example, you wanted to know how water training developed my bench press.

I have taken nothing you said out of context. I read your posts as they were written and quoted them as such. You purposefully lead people to believe that your water training has affected you speed and power in a positive way. You have done this by the statements you made and your adamant disagreement with Cord and others (who were on topic). I have pointed out on more than one occasion that due to the statements you have made in your posts it appeared that you attributed underwater training to your effectiveness and not simply to your breathing. You either have done this without knowing and can't comprehend what is being pointed out and why your posts were perceived in the way they were or you have done it on purpose. The sentence you keep referring to is of no consequence in this discussion for a couple of reasons, the first being that it has nothing to do with the topic. The second being that you made it appear that you accredit underwater training to your "effectiveness" with the paragraph that directly followed.

I enjoy working against the resistance of the water. Id rather not punch air. Timing my techniques in the surf is also entertaining. I find training in the water more effective as I find training in the water more enjoyable. It is training frequently that increases speed & power. I keep just my head above water.

There is nothing out of context here this is the entire paragraph. Reading this paragraph as it relates to the topic leads people to believe you attribute speed and power to underwater training. You re-enforce this belief with your very next post.

Fact #1: I train in the water.
Fact #2: I am as effective as anyone.

As i have said numerous times, if your point has been misunderstood it's your fault. If that sentence was of so much importance and if water training isn't what you attribute to your performance why was you so adamant about disagreeing with people about the effects of water training? I only asked how water training helped you with your bench press because you mentioned it. Remember your two "facts"? "I train in water. I am as effective as anyone." Then you go on in a later post to state

I am confident I can state that I am as effective as anyone, measured thus: I can bench press 340lbs fifteen times, tear a heavy bag free of its chains with a single punch (albeit not deliberately), and I can produce witnesses for this.

So my question was how does water training affect your ability to bench 340lbs and knock a heavy bag off its chain with a single punch.


2. Your repeated accusation that I've changed my story. That's not "staying on topic", is it?

I've made that statement because if you follow your posts it clearly appears that you start to back peddle in your post #15856479. This is where you appear to go from adamantly arguing that underwater training does positively effect speed and power and change your story to only using it for kata and nothing else. Come on now you were in the Navy, perception is everything. I have only pointed out that you changed your story because it's difficult to have a discussion on a specific subject when the other party changes their story but then denies it. In case you haven't noticed the topic is now you, which is after all what you wanted. Look at me


Cord, to his credit, changed his attitude in response #15856474 at 05/31/06 03:34 AM, thus demonstrating good will. I've no idea what his experience is. I'm sure he is as effective as anyone, & I've not assumed otherwise. I wonder if he's mortified by your sycophancy towards him?

Did he change his "attitude" or did you realize because of his background as a personal trainer that he knew better what he was talking about than you? I would think the latter as this is where your story looks to change. Don't take Cord's lack of participation in this discussion as any sort of agreement with you. Maybe you should shy away from making assumptions on what Cord thinks or feels about how i have referenced him. The things you don't know.


I've not read your posts as, based on your comments here, you're a weasel. If you simply wish to trade insults, bring it to my blog.

As i said before, while i have made it a point to put your ignorance on display i have yet to resort to calling you names. I really don't see the point. I'm sad to see the Navy loose such a stellar example of maturity though. What would be the point of me going to your blog to discuss anything? Can't you hold a discussion here?

Like i said. If you have beliefs and wish to voice them at least have the conviction to stand by them. If those beliefs are shattered, have the maturity to admit it.

You could always pull another 2 year disappearing act.
Enjoy life while you can, you never know when things will change.