I refer to my first comment, second sentence for two reasons:
1. Context, which you ignore. For example, you wanted to know how water training developed my bench press.
2. Your repeated accusation that I've changed my story. That's not "staying on topic", is it?

Cord, to his credit, changed his attitude in response #15856474 at 05/31/06 03:34 AM, thus demonstrating good will. I've no idea what his experience is. I'm sure he is as effective as anyone, & I've not assumed otherwise. I wonder if he's mortified by your sycophancy towards him?

I've not read your posts as, based on your comments here, you're a weasel. If you simply wish to trade insults, bring it to my blog.

Your wheel keeps spinning
Though your hampster is quite dead
Soft thumps behind glass.