Funny that you would mention a non-kata style. I trained in Jujutsu for as long as I trained in Karate. I went with Karate because I feel that it offers more bang for the buck and is the shortest distance to get to self preservation. There was a guy who did MMA in Chicago who was a friend of mine, he was a student of Ruaz. I visited him in the hospital after a fight outside a nightclub where the guy went to the ground and stabbed him in the waist and groin area. After a few months of healing, he asked me to teach him stand up combat. I also learned from him some of the ground fighting, which is good stuff. But I will keep my Karate. I am certainly not against cross training. I also see your point about Kata, just that if taught correctly, it can help with skill a great deal, IMHO.

Thank Ed, thats what I have been trying to say for years but could never find the words. Well put, and answers a few questions I had as well.
Paul Hart