Dream training sessions huh? Well lets keep this one closer to a martial arts topic rather than turning it into a wet-dream training session. Geez, we're here for martial arts right? Not to become Ron Jeremy

The problem with most dream training scenarios is that I can dream of the perfect training location and regime but knowing my own strengths, endurance, and weaknesses, I'm not too sure I could perform well enough to truely appreciate it... and worse, disappoint myself, my sabamnim and which ever master I was visiting.

But, if given a choice and really I'm only pulling this one out as I am writing... I think I would want to train in one of the meditative arts (tai chi?) in a truely inspiring japanese/oriental style garden. Maybe I'd like that more just cuz I've been so busy here at work and haven't had a proper break in so long. A chance to clear the brain would be rather welcomed I think.

hmmm, I hear Lethbridge has an impressive Japanese garden. Perhaps MikeMartial or Dereck have been?
Oh. Ehn. Bee.