I just finished reading "Unsettled Matters", by Tom Bleeker (Linda Lee's ex-husband after Bruce), and there are many indications that Bruce may have used steroids (not necessarily ones that will bulk you up, rather, ones that will get you super cut...which is what many body-buliders and others used back then...notice the size differences from then until now)

More importantly, I 100% fully believe that Bruce was poisoned...no way in holy hell that Bruce had a drug reaction like that from a perscription pain killer (not to mention the fact that he had a similar episode less than 2 months before that, but was revived)

Read the book and the timeline of just how long it took to get Bruce to the hospital, after he hadnt been breathing or had a pulse for almost two hours, and any Bruce Lee fan (like myself) should be more than fired up that he died because of incompetence

btw- I also believe that he was poisoned on 2 different occasions