Man, don't do that! Do you know how many kids are gonna read that? At least put a smiley if you're going to BS.


Bruce Lee experimented with several illegal substances. It's the truth.

Realy? What were they and where is the proof? I dont think he did. Pure speculation.

If I make a joke that he INVENTED steroids, and some minds read it that aren't mature to understand sarcasm - what can I do?

Not make the statement or make it clear it is/ was sarcasm.
Maybe also consider who reads this website and perhaps the age group?


Personally, I believe the biggest thing making steroids unsafe is that they are ILLEGAL. When you make a substance or activity illegal on the grounds that it is unsafe, it only becomes more unsafe.

In the case of steroids - being illegal makes the sources untrustworthy and prohibits doctors from advising and guiding steroid users.

Interesting. Far be it for me to get in to a debate about steriods again there is somethings certain people might miss.

A high percentage of martial artists train for the benefits of health. Or perhaps others might be looking to still be able to train when they are say 79 years old etc. The requirement of a doctor should be to cure or benefit peoples lives. Not to advise people who choose to by pass their own endocrine system.