does anyone know if bruce lee took steroids?! i read on tommy carruthers site in a forum he said that bruce took steroids! does anyone know if its true

I dont know if he took steroids. I believe that he didnt take steroids.
The reason why I believe this?
From what I have seen of him he doesnt show any physical signs that I could compare to steriod users I have known.

The other reason? At the time there were other practicing martial artists who had very simular physiques and physical attributes to Bruce Lee who, to me, dont show the signs when viewed.

I believe if he hadnt done what he did martial arts wouldnt be as well known in the Western World as it is now.

Considering Tommy Carruthers stated he was then might I suggest e-mailing him and if you have a mind to questioning him? I do agree it is totaly unfair to state what he did as Bruce Lee isnt around to defend himself.

Just a small point. I think people do have the choice of doing what they want. So long as what they are doing doesnt affect others directly or in-directly, knowingly or un-knowingly, in what might be termed a bad way.

If they are then they are more than likely going to be judged by anybody who cares to judge them.


Might be worth while asking Tommy Carruthers?

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