Alright its about time I posted my workout, and got some comments on it. I don't think its anything special really, any comments would be appreciated(just please don't tell me to split my workout throughout the week, it feels incomplete whenever I tried it). Alright I'm 16 years old, 5'6", 121 lbs.

Ab Training
3 Circuits Before Every at-home workout
Traditional Crunch - MAX
Bent-Leg Knee Raise - MAX
Oblique V-UP - Alot - Both Sides(Usually around 30...I need a good oblique exercise that actually lets me FEEL tired)
Bridge - As long as I can hold it
Back Raises - MAX(I put my lower back exercise in my core workout, just makes sense to me)

Ab Workout + Strength Training- 25 lbs
Squat - 12(Nothing much really, thinking of maybe doing 50 for those)
Pushups - 10(4 seconds to go down, 4 to come back up)
Bent Over Row - 10
Military Press - 10(these really get me tired, love 'em)
Upright Row - 10
Triceps Kickback - 10-12(depends on how I feel)
Squat againt a wall - MAX
Biceps Curl - 10
Leg Curl -12(maybe should do 50lbs for these as well)

Note: Sorry I could use some better organization for my writing and workout I guess.

Tuesday - TKD Class for 1 Hour

Wednesday-Same as Monday + TKD Class(The Wednesday Classes are sparring ONLY, nothing else)

Thursday - Normal TKD Class

Ab Workout + Strength Training
Squat - 10-12
Pushups - 10
Bent Over Row - 10
Traveling Lunch - 10-12 per leg(again I'm thinking of doing 50)
Military Press - 10
Upright Row - 10
Step-Ups(SHUT UP!) - 10-12(again 50 lbs)
Triceps Kickback - 10-12
Squat Against Wall - MAX
Biceps Curl - 10
Leg Curl -10-12

Ab Workout Followed by HIIT:
3-5 Minutes Warmup
2 minutes high intensity followed by 2 minutes low(repeat once)
30 seconds high followed by 30 low(repeat 4 times)
60 yard-sprint followed by 90 second rest(repeat 6-10 times)
3-5 minutes cooldown(slow-motion jogging really, heh)

Watch TV, Diet Cheating Day

Final Thoughts: I used to do wrist curls and calf raises often, but somewhere along the way I just stopped dong them, perhaps make a seperate workout just for them? I'm thinking of doing 50 lbs for squats, lunges, step-ups, and other exercises similiar to those. If I weight 121 and am using 25 lb dumbbells, am I relatively "strong" for my weight?

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