Hello everyone, I'm kinda back. It has been a VERY long time since I last posted here but if you go back to the beginning of the thread, I was here. I also did a lot of talking about my knee and my hamstring then. Like so many other people do, I was over training then and did cause myself some rather significant injury. As a quick update over the last year to explain where I'm coming from... here it goes.
- I tore my hamstring... this not only hurts a lot, it also takes a long time to heal properly
- Due to the hamstring damage, I had developed cyatica (sp?) which is like a dull pain that radiates up your back and down your leg on one side making all the muscles feel like they're rubber bands pulled too tight and about to snap.
- I was slide tackled in Soccer several times which basically ruined my right knee. At its worst, I couldn't run any more and walking was rather tough.

... then to top it all off, my club shut down in the middle of the night.

Well, I took it as a message and went on the rehab road. No training, no soccer, just R&R until the pain went away, then slow regaining of mobility and fitness. I'm back into TKD now for only about 3 months. Fortunately, the my technique came back quickly (kinda like riding a bike) but my flexibility is shot. Well... let me say that my static flexibility is shot. Dynamically, I can still perform some kicks to the high section with my right (formerly damaged) leg but when I use my right as the pivoting leg, my range is greatly reduced. Unfortunately, this makes me a more predictable fighter. High kicks from the right, low kicks from the left...

Anyway, enough of my sob story, I want to try to get back into some kind of stretchiness so I'll be posting from time to time to hopefully keep myself motivated and progressing.

Measured @ 6:00am, un-warmed, in office
Splits 43cm
Right front 30cm
Left front 33cm

Man, I've lost it... well, lets work on it i guess.

Oh. Ehn. Bee.