Great Idea for a post this and it inspired me to join this forum. I bought Kurz's book over a year ago and have had some success with the dynamic front leg raise but have never got on well with the side leg raises. I have been doing them on and off (ussually starting after each grading)but so far never continued with them long enough to see any real progress. I have just ordered the secrets of stretching DVD which arrived today and am hoping that this time (with the help of this thread) I will stick to it.
My morning routine is sorted as I run to work each morning and can do some dynamic stretching when I get there nicely warmed up. am planning on spending next couple of months concentrating on some of the strengthening exercises on the dvd before getting started on the Isometric stretching.
Will be doing a warm up and some easy stretching later and will post some measurements so I can see what progress is made.

How are you all progressing? good luck