Thanks mate,

Hows your health now dude? I heard you've been bogged down with flu etc? My stretch routine was a bit shakey this week but managed 4 out of 7 days. I wish I loved stretching as much as you!!! I was please to find out when I graded that the double side kick (like Van Damme does in the movies) isn't chambered in mid air like you would for a standard side kick. Both legs are merely swung up kind of as you would imagine a double dynamic stretching session!!! So my dynamic stretches are really important now. Its must be almost impossible to chamber on this (flashy and rediculously pointless) technique as your knees would touch. I can't believe there's no-one on here nowdays except me and you!!!


P.S. whats the most flexibly challenging technique you've ever seen in real life?
Train hard and act as if you like it!