Here goes again!!

Just booked in to do my 2nd Dan on 21st February so not long and I have to be able to do the box splits pretty much by then.

I really haven't stretched much at all for months and months, not really since last posting here. I still stretch during my twice weekly classes which hasn't stopped at all (except for 2 weeks at christmas) but not much else apart from that.

The one thing that I find suprising is that my flexibility hasn't really gone anywhere, still nearly where I was.

I guess this must be because although I'm not stretching enough to improve my flexibility stretching twice per week must be enough to maintain it. Good news I guess for when we all get that elusive side split (suspended between two chairs maybe!!) and should have no problem maintaining it.

For the next month I will stretch as often as I can, stay healthy and will take a suplement containing Glucosamine Sulphate and Cod Liver Oil (Sanatogen's 30 X 1 per day 4.95). (Has anyone out there tried this and did you notice any diffence - I've heard promising stuff).

I hope there are people who want to join me in my new years resolution of stretching more, I'll post my stretch measurements every week on Sunday, Front Left foot forward, Front Right foot forward and side split distance from the floor just like before.

Speak to you next week!!

Train hard and act as if you like it!