This is my first post again since I think July! Sorry to abandon you lot. Moved out of my old house where I lived with my ex and been trying to get my life on track for a while. No internet access at the mo and house sharing with some friends. Good laugh but they are all lazy and not exactly inspiring me to train very hard so I need you lot again!! I haven't stretched properly except for in my class for at least 3 months and really want to get it back on track!

I started a cage fighting class near to where i live and the training is pretty full on but sadly no stretching at all!! So whats everyone been up to??

Can only log on once a week now at my new (lovely) girlfriends parents house, so hopefully speak to some of you next week. will put my new (and probably dismal) stretch results on-line here for you to laugh at!!

Bye for now!


p.s. I thought there'd be loads of new 'instant greamlins' by now...sort it out!!!!!!!!
Train hard and act as if you like it!