Good to have you back Onb,

congrats on the new job hope you're settling in okay. Don't worry about the side split measurement. As long as you're healthy you'll get there in the end. So its much more important that you take it easy and heal. Glad to hear you're on the mend though.

I haven't posted for a bit now cos I went back up north to Lincolnshire for a few days to visit my folks and my Instructor. I didn't really stretch at all except for one evening when I attended one of his classes, it was cool. I went through my 2nd dan syllabus with him. Theres some stuff you would really have to hate someone to do in there!! It turns out that the Butterfly Outside Crescent Kicks (jump up and do 2 outside crescent kicks simultaneously) are easier for me to do than the Butterfly Side Kick. Then last night I was back in kent and taught my own class and am pretty sure that even though my stretching is rusty I actually went lower than ever. The smooth floor with my sweat on helped I think!! Once more motivated for stretching I hope this week goes well.

Train hard and act as if you like it!