I'm Back!

I've been in Mexico for a week and then just started a new job which has kept me hoping buisy. So, now that two weeks have passed, I'll give a little update.

Mexico did wonders for my knee. the pain is almost completely gone. My hamstring is a little tight but it doesn't hurt so now my goal is to very very slowly try to stretch it back to normal.

I've maintained my stretchiness within a relative tolerance. I don't measure often but usually just try to eyeball it from day to day. It looks like my front splits (left and right front) are exactly the same but my side split is now pretty much toast... depending on the day it varies from about 35cm up to maybe even as much as 50cm.

In the long run though, getting healthy and un-pained is more a priority right now. But now that I'm feeling a bit better... Now I'm gonna work on that split again.

From a tanned formerly relaxed but now stressed out from work...

Oh. Ehn. Bee.