H guys,

It's really late at the mo, so just a quick post. I wasn't going to stretch tonight because I haven't got time to warm up but then thought a quick light stretch wouldn't hurt!! Must be getting addicted to the thing I used to hate the most!! Here's the outcome... side splits 21cm!! didn't measure front splits, I'm not too worried about them. I'll keep them up but want to be able to side split more. I just did 6 sets of isometric side split stretches. I was that low by the third set. I think my stretch last night helped the most. I actully decided to use two sturdy dining room chairs to put my feet on for the side stretch. I had a third chair in front of me for my hands to minimise risk of injury!! I went way further that way. Plus I've another little help in the form of a broom handle which I've written measurements on all down the side with one of my girlfriends hair bobbles on it. I use the broom handle for emergency balance and also a placebo. I think it helps me to go that little bit further when I know that I can ease off the pressure if neccessary. Also once at my lowest I just slide the hair bobble down to groin level and hey presto - my measurement.

Wow, for a short midnight message I really have babbled, sorry folks, just pleased I guess!!

Goodnight all. (unless you're on the other side of the world and just having lunch!!)

Train hard and act as if you like it!