Well done D0minar,

I think the trick is not to try too hard because you will create too many micro-tears in the muscle which will heal up creating scar tissue which unfortunately isn't elastic and therefore cannot be stretched. Eventually causing yourself problems with muscle flexibility and then subsequent stretching will only gradually be trying to stretch the tendons instead which has been proven to be very ineffective for adults and also risky. Stretch every day but one, a day off is important, but don't strech into your pain barrier too much. We shouldn't run before we can walk.

Having said all that, WELL DONE, you were worrying about nothing, thats good gains. A lot of us on here are within a foot of reaching the ground (obviously if I was naked then I...!) so our flexibility is obviously getting there.

Keep at it. I'm up early this morning for me because I'm inspired by Tezza's morning attitude to stretching and am getting up half hour earlier every morning (bar one) to warm up and do my dynamic stretches.


P.S. Does anyone here practice the low horse stance like demonstrated in Kurtz book? I have a little but it bloody hurts. Only got 1 min 30 secs the other night. Should I work on this too? (Please so no, please say no, please say no.............)
Train hard and act as if you like it!