Good to see you back Foundation!! You're well low now. Tezza is right, from talking to the people I know who can do the splits when they got close they were stuck like it for ages. Instead of pushing really hard for new results and risking injuring yourself and going backwards, maybe you could just keep at what your doing and maybe change some of your usual stretches for some new ones? Also, if you do your front splits near a chair or something that wont move you could use it to push against with your hands so that you lean backwards and stretch those stubborn muscles?!!

Well done Tezza, "success breeds success" and I think we're all feeling it now!! Only those of us dedicated are going to get there and I recon you're in the running for it!!

Onb, I little tip..........GO TO THE BL*@DY DOCTORS!!!!!!

Anybody given any thought to what to do after we get there? I've thought about and think progress should be measured by how high the feet can be lifted from the floor with the groin still on the ground.


P.S. will we be seeing your results this weekend MikeMartial?? Be great to see you join in, it was your original posts that gave me this idea in the first place. So I guess thanks are in order!! Thanks!
Train hard and act as if you like it!