Hiya you lot,

good to hear from you guys again, wondered where you'd all gone. As for the knees Onb, I've given some thought to a regular stretch which doesn't put any pressure on the knees. basically, kneel down and spread your feet apart so that they are the same width apart as the knees are. Then allow the knees to slide apart as far as possible so that apart from the fact that your legs are not straight, you're simulating the thigh part of a side split. No sideways strain on the knees at all. Once you are capable of going all the way down with bent legs then you can little by little start to straighten the legs over multiple stretching sessions. I hope this isn't too confusing and makes sense, its hard to explain!! I've been doing it as well as my usual stretch routine but would focus more on it should my knees start giving me trouble. What do you lot recon. I'd like to point out that this stretch wasn't my idea I don't think. Recon I picked it up somewhere or read it or something!

Just off for a quick run then will stretch and measure.

Train hard and act as if you like it!