Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been postin' lately. Haven't had a chance to go to the doc but I have been doing my training dispite the pain. Mostly trying to take it easy on my knee.

I am rather surprised at how much strain a knee can undergo during stretching. a few of my stretches really hurt the knee which I then (obviously) stop that type. So right now I'm trying to maintain my stretchiness and not lose ground. Improving may be more strain than the ol' knee can handle.

Tezz - those numbers are awsome! Way to go. If I can get down to that level I'd be pretty much set. Obviously we always want to go further but having 27 in the side and 15 in the fronts... that is significant bendiness. There shouldn't be any problem with high kicks now for you. Keep it up!

Rosco - haven't seen any measurements. Why dont' we both try to remember to do a measurement this weekend and report them on Monday.

Keep it up guys

Oh. Ehn. Bee.