Hi Tezza,

Thats a result!! Getting better every week! I will definately measure this weekend. I know I've been slack by not measuring yet but I've honestly had a good week stretching myself. I have strayed from my set routine now and play it by ear. Still doing my dynamic stretches in the morning but often following them with relaxed stretches as well and then in the evenings doing a few extra dynamic stretches that I wouldn't normally do before I do my other stretches. I still do isometric stretches for my inner thigh strength/flexibility and I do them on the same day as a leg workout. Playing it by ear so to speak has really improved my motivation because I used to think that if I didn't have time for my full stretch then I'd not bother at all but now I'm proving beyond a shadow of a doubt even a small token stretch is enough to keep my results coming. I really hope my measurements are better this week but even if my gains are small I know that its much easier to get down there now. Plus my side kick is at just over 8 feet high! Admittedly no practical point in a side kick that high unless Lurch from the Addams Family should pick on me but a visible improvement none the less! Thanks for this everyone cos I recon its working!!

Train hard and act as if you like it!