Sorry guys no time to stretch and measure etc, just wanted to put in my advice for Onb. Due to the location of the pain now (you mentioned that it was up into your buttock area) I think that there may be a chance of some Sciatica (not sure how to spell) in my day job in the gym I come across loads of people who have this problem. Its basically something to do with the Sciatic Nerve becoming trapped, as far as I'm aware this nerve travels down under your buttock and down the leg at the back - under the hamstrings. I'm no doctor and could be way off but I'd recomend you don't listen to us on here and go and get some proffesional advice. The rest of your injurys sound like they probably were caused by all the factors you say but if you have some Sciatic trouble too then that wont help matters any!!! Rest is obvious but maybe theres more that can be done to help you in the form of some proper attention!!!!

Congratulations by the way on the results of your comp. I've competed quite a lot before and know what you mean about the nightmare that is waiting for you catagory to come up. It usually comes before you thought it was going to and then straight onto the mat, cold, no stretch or nothing, show some respect, touch gloves and go!!

Keep us posted on the injury and GO TO THE DOCS!!!!!!!!!!!

Train hard and act as if you like it!