What did I do to my body?

I got a zipper like shin splint on my left shin from when I was doing a turning kick... But it was so hot in the gym that my heel stuck to the ground so all that upper body and kicking leg tourque loaed right onto my shin (luckily not my knee or ankle) but it felt like someone ran a zipper up my shin bone - ouch

My knee has always been kinda bad (from playing soccer) more recently I just hyper extended it in a game and it isn't getting any better... then I got slide tackled on the same knee which just made it a bunch worse.

As for my hamstring... last tournament I was in we had to sit on the side of the mat and watch all teh younger competitors of the same belt level before we could compete... so I sat on the hardwood floor for about 6 hours waiting not able to warm up or properly stretch. Then when competition time came up it was like... go now! no warm up, no stretch time ect. So I got up and did my best (double gold medals actually) which i must admit I am rather proud of but the thing was that in one fight I delivered a 'perfect' roundhouse to his head which I'm fairly certain was higher than my usual limit. Well, anyway between that an feeling all jazzed afterwards and at the following classes, I really started pushing my stretches to try to avoid that strain in the tournament... well, one day I was having a particularly good stretch and I felt all the little tingles and stuff but then I felt something withing the muscle that was odd. No pain but it felt ... fiberous (muscle fibres sliding against each other). Well I think that fiberous feeling was the feeling of my hamstring tearing. Fast forward 6 months later and i'm still in pain.

and that's my sob story

Oh. Ehn. Bee.