Well, further to my moment of in my last post...

I haven't been doing much in the way of stretching. My hamstring and knee are so buggered I took the weekend off to try to let them recover. Truthfully they are getting a bit better but are still sore. I think the knee needs a week or two of recovery (i'm not sure if I can handle not training for two weeks though). The hamstring is kinda weird. It started out mid thigh right in the back (typical hamstring location) but then it seemed to have moved higher up into the mid point in the butt cheek... now, its moved even higher right up at the top/centre. Kinda right at that point where the butt turns into back closer to the spine. I'm wondering if that is improvement or a sign it's getting worse.

Anyway, no measurements right now.
Oh. Ehn. Bee.