... I'm on the verge of having to hand up the dobok for the season here if my injuries don't get better.

Take it easy mate,

over enthusiasm can be the body's worst enemy. We probably all know how that feels. Sometimes we get it into our head that we have a weak area, or something that is letting us down and before you know it are obsessively putting way too much work into said problem. Sometimes even in so much of a hurry that you rush headlong into trying to fix it before giving much thought to the proper way to go about it. Your stretch routine looks fine to me (though i'm no expert) but maybe you should give more time to the warm-up. I know its time consuming and for some of us one of the only reasons why we don't stretch as much as we should but it is nonetheless really important. Flexibility takes time and seemingly lots of it!!


... Glad to see you have found a warm up. There is no problem with running, its cycling that you want to try and avoid.

Ahh, good point, I remember that being said in the Kurtz book, thats good news. Its not a great feeling doing something with a niggling feeling that its not the best idea for what you are trying to acheive.

Right now I've posted this, I'm going to do a LITTLE warm-up and then do some dynamic stretches. (So proud of myself lol!)
Train hard and act as if you like it!